Thursday, August 5 – OPENING Reception

Phillip T. Nails

STYLE: poet/MC
BIO: Phillip T. Nails was born straight out of passion right here in California. He is author of the heatedly exclaimed collection of poems, Sexological Asylum. Over 500 copies sold world wide and over a half dozen book release parties have occured in this books honor. Available online at <>  or go down to City Lights in San Francisco. He enjoys reading poetry aloud and looks forward to any opportunity to spread the word.

PERFORMER: Bedtime Story
STYLE: eclectic, transcendental music (B52's, jazzy poetics)
BIO: Newly formed group of multitalented artists explore the fun of sound and experiment, to wonder "if a star falls in the night and you are at home sipping a beer, does it make a sound?"

PERFORMER: Peter Metcalf

STYLE: Classical cellist
BIO: Peter Metcalf began his study of cello with Manfred Karasik during his high school years, and after only three years was accepted as a student at the Aspen Music Festival. He continued his formal musical education at S.F. State, USC, S.F. Conservatory, and U. C. Berkeley. During his years as a music student, Peter had the good fortune to study with a number of unusually fine instructors in conducting, cello, theory, and piano, nationally known and local; in regard to cello, he ultimately chose his own path, developing the technique seen presently, called by a colleague „the Metcalf Method‰, that best serves his interpretation of a composer‚s intentions. Mr. Metcalf is author of a string method which today serves his instruction, both private and at the Lamorinda Academy of Music and Art, where he is the cello faculty member.
An enthusiastic and gifted choral/instrumental conductor and chamber musician, Peter values the unique challenges and parameters of cello practice as one of the most effective means of spiritual growth available to him, and anticipates founding an academy that synthesizes and celebrates artistic creativity and spiritual maturity. „Affirmation of our individual and unique character occurs moment to moment ˆ spiritual transformation is inherent to our existence. Recognizing that music has through the ages been many a soul‚s most exquisite manifestation of Its Godliness, I extend to you an invitation to transform your consciousness through music, as listener and practitioner.‰ ˆ Peter Metcalf

PERFORMER: Jon Roniger Trio

STYLE: folk/rock, light
BIO: In San Francisco for more than ten years, Jonathan Roniger has come a long way from his New Orleans roots. With Jim Croce and Simon & Garfunkel as his early musical influences, Jonathan started his musical career at the age of ten in his church choir; at the age of 17, he picked up a guitar and began exploring his own musical style. As a songwriter, Jonathan strives to create a sound that allows his listeners to explore their feelings with his lighthearted songs about love and loss. Playing locally in San Francisco, nationally and abroad, Jonathan's tour schedule continually exposes him to new and exciting musical influences.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Julia Serano
STYLE: poet
BIO: Julia Serano is an Oakland-based writer, musician, spoken word artist, organizer and educator. She is a poetry slam champion and a regular feature at spoken word and queer events, has self-published chapbooks and contributed articles and poems to queer, feminist, pop culture magazines and literary journals. As a musician, she is the lyricist-guitarist-vocalist for the noisy pop trio Bitesize, who have released two critically acclaimed CDs, toured up and down the West Coast and received college radio airplay nationwide. Julia is also one of the organizers of the First Annual Trans/Intersex/Genderqueer and Buddies Community Picnic, a series of benefit shows for CampTrans, and the host of GenderEnders, a trans/intersex/genderqueer-focused performance show.

PERFORMER: Angie Krass
STYLE: stand-up comedy
BIO: All whiskies arise for the Mississippi Madam of Mayhem! Angie Krass performs her high voltage, rambunctious comedy throughout the Bay Area. Sharing her experiences, and kaleidoscope-like observations, with a southern flair for storytelling, and rib cracking humor. She is currently working on her new show, „Jesus Saves and So Can Gays!‰

PERFORMER: Bryan Harrison Band

STYLE: funk folk rock blues
BIO: The Bryan Harrison Band features alternative folk blues rock, electric and/or acoustic, as the occasion and venue might dictate. Song selection is largely based around the catalog of Bryan's original compositions, packaged together nicely with a wide variety of mostly familiar cover songs. In total, the band can easily carry a full night's gig on their own.
The Bryan Harrison Band generally consists of: Bryan Harrison, acoustic and/or electric guitar, vocals, and occasional harmonica; Speedo on bass; Jim McLaren, guitar, vocals and harmonica; Jeff Belbey, mandolin, guitar and vocals; and Rune Jacobson on percussion, and vocals.
Together the band has most recently played venues in San Francisco such as the Hotel Utah Saloon and The Canvas. They have also played private party and corporate gigs around Northern California, as well as festival settings such as the Viansa Winery Tuscan BBQ and "The Picnic" concert at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

PERFORMER: Fat Chance Belly Dance

STYLE: Belly dancers
BIO: FatChanceBellyDance is a dance phenomenon as unique as the city of San Francisco. Founded in 1987 by Carolena Nericcio, FatChanceBellyDance has changed the face of modern belly dance with its innovative use of musisc, costume and improvisational partneer dance. The troupe can be seen at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and other city-wide events.

PERFORMER: Brass Menagerie
STYLE: Balkan folk, brass band
The Brass Menagerie is the Bay Area's premier Balkan Brass band, performing high-energy, sometimes stretchy, always exciting music of Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, balkan Rroma & friends.
Members include:Rachel MacFarlane, vocals & baritone; Peter Jaques, clarinet & trumpet; Eric Oberthaler, trumpet; Mary Farris, clarinet & saxophone; Randy Trigg, accordion & baritone; Larry Leight, trombone; Jeff Garaventa, sousaphone
Michele Simon, tupan; Tom Farris, drums.

Saturday, August 7, 2004

PERFORMER: Kieran Cross
STYLE: soul, blues, rock n'roll
BIO: Kieran Cross is the brainchild of guitarist Kieran McDonald and vocalist Greg Cross. Both have played in various bands in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past ten years. They met while working at the prestigious "W" Hotel and after many beers and a lot of missed chords, decided to form an old fashioned rock n' roll band.
Together with bassist Marty Cohen, their soulful blues infused original rock n' roll is catching the attention of music lovers all over!
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Charselle & Paradise

STYLE: Performance Poetry
BIO: Charselle and Paradise are renowned San Francisco Bay Area performance poets. They have been described as two of the "Showboats" of the Bay Area Performance Circuit.
Paradise was on the 2001 Berkeley Slam Team that finished 12th at the nationals in Seattle. He calls his type of poetry "JazzFunkHipHopoetry" (pronounced Jazz-Funk-Hip-Hop_ah_tree). He will be performing his new art form, "talkmusic", which combines poetry, sounds, rhythms and flows.
Charselle is a multitalented, award winning poet/entertainer. Her poetry is that of a raconteur filled with vivid imagery, innuendo, pathos and humor. Since beginning to write in late 2002 her work has been lauded by a few, (obviously wise, LOL), academics and applauded by audiences around the bay. She is pleased that her first book of poems is being taught at one bay area school this year. As an entertainer she has been enthralling audiences with her irresistible stage presence for years. She brings a raw passion and intensity to her poetry performances. They are on a mission to bring poetry back into the everyday life of the everyman/woman. Put some poetry and passion into your life and come out and enjoy this incredibly dynamic performing duo.

STYLE: East/West melodies on harmonica & irish whistle

PERFORMER: Brooke Aved with Guest Artist Steve Siders

STYLE: Acoustic/Folk/Rock  
BIO: Brooke Aved, a rising star in the Napa Valley, is a natural performer who was literally born to sing.  At the age of five, she played Gretl in a 19-performance run of The Sound of Music at Walnut Creek‚s Performing Arts Center.  Brooke went on to appear in various stage productions, including a two-week stint in Russia performing in the Theatre Network International production of Grease.  
Two years ago, Brooke picked up a guitar, taught herself to play, and quickly began writing her own songs.  She currently performs regularly in three Napa Valley venues, where her vocals, style, and songwriting garner comparisons to such far ranging stars as Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, and Billie Holiday.  Brooke recently performed at The Aloha Festival, a benefit concert organized by Peace through Music, staged in Ventura to supplement school music programs.  Brooke is currently working on her first CD.  This performance will mark her San Francisco debut.
Steve Siders is also a rising star in the Napa Valley whose style focuses on hard rock/acoustic.  Also a singer/songwriter, Steve has been playing guitar and performing for eleven years.  He was previously a member in Idol Society and Hard Cider, two Northern California rock bands.  Steve also performed at The Aloha Festival.

PERFORMER: Fred Anderson

STYLE: Standup Comedy, juggler
A fun filled roller coaster of laughs with high energy comedy, juggling and magic. Fred has appeared on A & E, FOX & PBS, opened for Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey, Rosie O'Donnell & The Beach Boys and performed everywhere from Vegas to Lincoln Center to Brisbane...
In addition to performing full time Fred also produces COMEDY ON THE SQUARE -
"An intimate, elegant home for Comedy & Variety in the heart of the Theater District just steps from Union Square. Presenting Sketch, Improv, Stand-up, New Vaudeville & Alternative Comedy"
For schedule & tickets please visit

PERFORMER: Evan Raymond

STYLE: Folk Rock
Bay area native, Evan Rymond's musical style has been
shaped by many classic and modern influences. His
show features state of the art guitars played through
many layers and effects. He matches his music with
original songwriting drawn from over ten years
experience as a musician artist and traveller.

PERFORMER: Amy MacLennan

BIO: Amy MacLennan has been published in Cimarron Review, Folio Rattle,
South Dakota Review, and Wisconsin Review. One of her poems was
Included in So Luminous the Wildflowers, An Anthology of California Poets (Tebot
Bach). She has recently poems on the SF Station Literary Arts web page.
Amy has appeared at the Petaluma Poetry Walk, the San Luis Obispo
Poetry Festival, the Sacramento Poetry Center and Cody’s Books. Her first
payment for poetry was three pounds of whole bean coffee (at least it
wasn’t decaf).


STYLE: acoustic blues guitar (
Old Style Acoustic Blues )

PERFORMER: Mark Alan Camper

STYLE: folk rock acoustic
BIO: Mark Alan Camper began his music career as a drummer, playing in various band situations in high school. After moving to Denver in 1989, he switched over to guitar and co-founded the band Two Fat Dogs. After achieving some notoriaty, Mark Alan Camper left the band to pursue his own musical interests. He released his self-titled debut album in 1994, with follow up albums Panacea, released in 1997 and Broken and Misplaced Love/Songs in 1998.He spent 2 years travelling and touring America, playing coast to coast. In 1999 he moved to San Francisco and acheived a good following as a solo artist, before joining the trio Nine Day Fall. After a year and a half in that trio he again chose to pursue his own music exclusively. Currently he is recording his 4th album.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

Saturday, August 14, 2004

PERFORMER: Mission of Ed
STYLE: Blues rock folk
BIO: Mission of Ed is a San Francisco based band with a blend of blues, folk, and rock. They feature the evocative mix of two vocalists, and well-crafted, heartfelt, lyrics.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

STYLE: poetry, spoken word
BIO: Mikl-em's work runs the range from beat re-fleck-shuns to dada rants to excursive flights of thought and sound that trespass on the grounds of rap & jazz. He is allergic to pretension and obsessed with humor. He has never met nor admitted a typo he didn't like (in the sense obsession isn't senseless). He is also a playwright and actor, appearing most recently in a stage version of Zippy the Pinhead at the Dark Room. His website answers to the DNS entry "". Not only has Mikl appeared at SOMARTS many, many, times previously (in every Dadafest, in Naughty Santa's Posse, as part of bianca's Smut Shack, etc), he has also borrowed their chairs. He is mightily pleased to be appearing to support the gallery.

STYLE: Spanish/Brazilian guitar
BIO: I am a San Francisco Bay Area guitarist and musician. I do my own recordings as well as play in a local band. I also teach various guitar classes at local community centers. Check out the streaming audio below for some of my tunes. Feel free to contact me for gigs and studio sessions or if you would like to use my material for entertainment purposes. Enjoy my music! -Tom
Classical is a sample of what I typically play at restaurants, weddings, cocktail parties, and similar functions. Solo Guitar are a collection of jazz and other popular songs I've played solo, both in the studio and live. DJ Jerkstore is solo material that is available for commercials, TV, film, and other media (e.g., video games). Original Recordings are some new songs of my own. And Prozac Family Picnic are collaborative recordings that I have made with friends, which is also available for commercial endeavors (though I do not have exclusive rights to this material). I recorded these tunes on my portable Roland vs-880 digital studio.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Richard Stockton

STYLE: Stand up Comedian
BIO: Richard Stockton claims to be a feral child raised by Republicans; indeed he looks like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Don Knotts. When Richard was young, his father instructed him in the power of being positive, "Don’t be so damn negative." Richard’s desire to become an evangelist healer was frustrated because he had no faith.
By focusing on any benefit he saw in any situation, he managed to survive and frequently prosper as a musician, radio talk show host, and finally as a comedian.
During a NeuroLinguistic Programing seminar, he found that the NLP tool of Reframing was exactly the empowerment technique he had been using all along, looking for the positive benefit in any event. Even though his speaking engagements focus on this powerful tool, it seems that everything he does makes people laugh at him.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Frisky Frolics (with Rick)

STYLE: 20's-30's music ukele + Tin Pan Alley band
The Frisky Frolics are a wily 5-piece, ukulele-driven outfit specializing in long-forgotten musical gems of the 1920-30’s. These self-described Tin Pan Alley Troubadours have lovingly mined through their 78 record collections and come up with a lively and varied set of songs, combining favorite familiar standards such as 'Louise' and 'Paper Moon', with obscure and novelty numbers like, 'Cake Eatin’ Man' and 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate'.
Having mastered a full repertoire of cheerful tunes, leader Rick Quisol (vocals, kazoo and ukulele), Steve Merritt (lead guitar, backing vocals), Pierre Laik (mandolin, backing vocals), Danny Santos (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Chris Green ( bass, backing vocals), offer a unique opportunity to travel back to an era when the harsh realities of the Depression were temporarily softened by snappy tunes, droll lyrics and the occasional ferocious kazoo solo.
The Frisky Frolics are an ideal "hotcha" band, full of color and up-to-date in the latest 20’s style; a sheer delight to see, listen or dance to!
WEBSITE: http://www.angelfire.comjazz/friskyfrolics/

PERFORMER: Tanya Fermin
STYLE: r&b, blues singer

STYLE: folk, jazz rock, saxophonist
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Pickpocket Ensemble

STYLE: European Folk & Café music (w/ klezmer spice)
BIO: The pickPocket ensemble was formed early in 1998 to make a music equally at home in the concert hall and on the street corner. Inpired by the many European folk and cafe musics that we have loved, we set out to compose and perform a music that responded to these older styles, but with a modern sensibility and a street-wise edge. In our music you can hear echoes of Parisian bal musette, as well as many of the Eastern European styles that we have devoured over the years. You will also detect in the mix other flavors: American folk, early jazz and swing, even rock. What we have forged in this blend is a unique music that is truly our own, familiar and inviting, and at the same time fresh and new.
We have performed at venues as diverse as the Luggage Store Gallery and Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco. We have also been invited to perform for numerous special cultural events in the area, and our music has been featured in Paul Kwan and Arnold Iger's film A Wok in Progress, seen on PBS. In summer of 2000, we travelled to Spain where we performed in Barcelona and at the Etnosur Festival in Alcala La Real. This summer we toured in the Netherlands, playing at the Pleintheater in Amsterdam, De Onderbroek in Nijmegen, and Kadens Concertzaal in Haarlem, among other places. Closer to home, we have been featured at the Cotati Accordion Festival, as well as at Smythe’s Accordion Festival in Oakland, CA. We have released 3 CD’s: International House of Dreams, A Streetcar Too Far; and If I Were A Highway.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

Friday August 20, 2004 – CLOSING Reception

PERFORMER: The Indra (Indra Lowenstein)
STYLE: dancer, performance art

PERFORMER: Odessa Lil (Audra Wolfmann)

STYLE: Mistress of Ceremonies

PERFORMER: Kitten on the Keys

STYLE: Burlesque dancer/performer
BIO: Known as Kitten on The Keys, Suzanne Ramsey is a firkeytoodlin' frisky feline galloping with uber kittitude. As seen on HBO, E! , IFC, and other media outlets, she embodies the spirit and style of those days of decadence gone by. Pianist and chanteuse, expect a racy ragtime romp when this little kitty sharpens her claws on a meow mix medley of mad cap gems of yesteryear with a naughty whimsical edge. This versatile comedic performer sings, dances, plays piano, ukulele, and accordion in fab outfits! Her charming voice channels a saucy Betty Boop coo to a gritty Mae West ommph! Clever, Kinky, and Cute!
She has Three CD's available on her own label, Rug Burn Records: "Kitten On the Keys" (2001), "Kitty Muffins"(2002). (It's Not A Pretty Princess Day 2004.
From Tin Pan Alley, Classical, Broadway, Liberace tinged power ballads, remakes of punk classics, and her original "punky cabaret" ditties, this little kitty puts on one heck of a live show.
Suzanne has performed in London, Vienna, Tokyo, Nantes and Lille(France),New York,Vancouver, Austin, New Orleans,Denver, Los Angeles, and other amazing cities!
She traveled the US and Canada with Burlesquefest 2003 adding mirth and mayhem as the Musical Mistress of Ceremonies! In October 2003 she received rave reviews in Hollywood as the MC for the TeaseOrama Burlesque Convention! She perked up the audience as the Co M-Cee
in 112 degree heat at the Annual Miss Exotic World Contest

STYLE: Magician of sorts
BIO: MR. MYSTIC has been a legendary entertainment figure in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade. His extensive television work includes performing on national network television, nationally syndicated programming, Showtime, the Arts & Entertainment Channel, and countless local Bay Area television shows as well.
MR. MYSTIC's live performances have included his annual appearance as a regular headliner at San Francisco's Halloween Ball in front of 14,000 people, comedy clubs (Improv, Punchline...), corporate clients (Chevron, Hewlett Packard, Marriott...), as a San Francisco radio favorite (KMEL, KITS, KSOL, K101), as well as National Lampoon's Comedy Celebration and Showtime's Funniest Person in America.
The "MR. MYSTIC" character blends Charlie Chaplin's physical comedy with Steve Martin/Jerry Lewis insanity. MR. MYSTIC's award winning skills with magic and prestidigitation take his performances to another level. Children of all ages adore the MR. MYSTIC character as they enjoy his "roller coaster ride of nonstop hysterical action and adventure."

PERFORMER: The Flying Fox
STYLE: Hollywood Glamour burlesque performer (Margo)

PERFORMER: Harlem Shake

STYLE: African American burlesque troupe
BIO: Harlem Shake Burlesque, “The Black Beauties of Burlesque”, is the only existing African American burlesque troupe in the country, proclaiming that that burlesque indeed has black roots!
Wowing audiences since May of 2003 and led by Simone de la Getto named “One of the 10 Most Sexiest People in the Bay Area” in 2000 by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Harlem Shake has claimed the title of “Best Burlesque Troupe 2004” twice by the San Francisco Weekly and at The Miss Exotic World Pageant held in Helendale, California! These international starlets have performed at Tease-O-Rama 3 in Los Angeles, California; Burlesk Goes North in Toronto, Canada; as well as The Va Va Voom Room in San Francisco, California. Harlem Shake is blessed with the presence & talents of: Missy Marmalade, Leetha Hips, Alotta Boutte’, Carmen “Jazzy” Jones & Sweets Georgia Brown.
With their traditional style burlesque performances, Harlem Shake Burlesque give praises and great thanks to Josephine Baker, The Whitman Sisters, LaWanda Paige, The Nichols Brothers and all the unnamed Black Burlesque & Vaudeville performers who have graced stages before them.

PERFORMER: Bombshell Betty

STYLE: Burlesque performer
BIO: Raised on the beaches of sunny Santa Barbara, California, Bombshell Betty was bitten by the travel bug at the tender age of 16 and promptly left home in search of lust and adventure. She found them in spades when she took to the stage 1996, touring across the US, Canada, and Europe, until finally landing in San Francisco in the winter of 2003. Always restless and looking for new experiences, Betty has been strutting her stuff across stages around town as well as working on new and unusual burlesque projects. Miss Betty started teaching the very popular and sold-out "Burlesquercise!" dance classes in San Francisco and Oakland in March 2004. In addition to her solo performances, she frequently performs with an ever-changing ensemble of her students, "Bombshell Betty’s Debut-Taunts." As her alter ego, Dollface, she is one half of the outrageous clown burlesque duo, "Twist My Balloons!"

PERFORMER: Poontang Wranglers

STYLE: hackneyed hillbilly/Appalachian performance/ spoken word/ music
BIO: In 2002, Hiroshi Hasegawa organized the Poontang Wranglers from carelessly handpicked musicians 2002, hoping that old-time music and comedy would help alleviate the stress to which the American public is subject in these stressful times of MTV, faxes and international terrorism. Originally handling the role of MC, comedian and raconteur himself, his other obligations in the entertainment world (such as his recent work on the Film Kill Bill Volume 2) eventually forced him to hire the Commodore (featured in a recent New Yorker piece on the Lusty Lady, where the Commodore serves on the board as well as mops the floor) to take his position in the band.
Hiroshi Hasegawa's Poontang Wranglers, featuring the Commodore, have played venues ranging from Taquerias to the prestigious Phoenix Greyhound Track. The 2003 California Jug-Off saw them seize 2nd place, bested only by The What Me Worry Jug Band of Ventura.

PERFORMER: Comfy Chair

STYLE: Slamswing band
BIO: Slamswing is Comfy Chair's patented hybrid of hot swing jazz et rock moderne. Oui are not French. If you have Real Audio, you are listening to Comfy Chair's latest single, Rainy Day. To hear more Comfy Chair songs, go to our Sound Page. To order Comfy Chair stuff, go to our Merchandise Page. To see more photos of the band, click on the photo above, and don't even THINK of asking us for a baguette.
WEBSITE: (MP3s at website)

PERFORMER: Hot Pink Feathers (Kelly)

STYLE: Hot Pink Feathers was formed in 2000 by Artistic Director, Kelly "Kellita" Garton. At the BIO: Miss Exotic World Contest 2002 Kellita earned the title Little Miss Aftershock for her outstanding shimmying and shaking.
Hot Pink Feathers performs a dance revue specializing in samba and burlesque. Whether it's a classic batucada in full sequin regalia, a ballet marionette can-can, or a fiery gypsy dance, Hot Pink Feathers entertains with the exuberance of Carnaval.
The Feathers have graced the stages of favorite San Francisco haunts such as Bimbo's, Broadway Studios, and the Great American Music Hall. They have also taken the show on the road several times, notably to Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theater for Tease-O-Rama 2003.
Kellita also performs as a solo artist, delighting audiences with her samba solos, both exuberant and mystery-evoking. Kellita has travelled to Denver's Gothic Theater and NYC's Knitting Factory to perform as a featured act at Burlesque Fest XXX-Mas and The First Annual New York Burlesque Festival, respectively

PERFORMER: Chris Karney
STYLE: Magician, Comedian, Confustionist, escape artist

PERFORMER: Rosin Coven

STYLE: Pagan lounge music
Born seven years ago in a Bay Area backyard, this nine-piece ensemble presents a uniquely bewitching and elegant blend of acoustic music, theatrical antics, and old-world cabaret. For lack of an existing genre, we have created what we call Pagan Lounge music - an ever-evolving blend of classical strings, big-band swing, vocal harmonies, fiery tangos, sultry lounge ballads, snappy cha-chas, darkened dirges, and cinematic odysseys. Together we have traveled across the country and around the world, delighting audiences of all ages and walks of life.
Rosin Coven's diverse influences and training, including classical, jazz, Broadway, rock, and electronica (to name a few), bring a rich variety of styles and ideas to our repertoire. We weave one sound to the next, from Weill to Mingus, from Dan Hicks to Doris Day, from Satie to Holst, while remaining deeply connected through the alchemy of our ensemble. You never know what to expect in the Pagan Lounge, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
WEBSITE: <> (MP3s at website)